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Note on .PDF Conversion
Since we ONLY accept online resume attachments in .pdf format, click the link below to learn about conversion options.
  • Converting File Formats - click to open

    If you are using Microsoft Word or similar, use the colorful Start circle (usually in the top left). Click to bring down the menu where you will choose "Save As..." (not "Save"), and "PDF or XPF" should be one of the options. Choose this.
    In the dialogue box give it a title such as your name + _resume. The 'Save as type:' should be set as .pdf. If not, choose it.
    If given the option, choose Minimum size and click Publish.
    For more help with this from Microsoft, click this line.
    >> If you DO NOT have the "PDF" option in the "Save As..." submenu, in the drop menu, visit this page, which will assist with most versions.